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You:    A parent or grandparent worried about the children you love because the devices seem to have taken up too much space and no room for life—the life you would like for these precious children of yours.

Me:     Well, as a mom of kids, now thriving adults, I have been around the block more than once. I know the struggles. And I also know that our hard work and sacrifices are so worth our efforts. As a professional, I have helped thousands of parents find a clear pathway out of media/digital muddles. Since 1987 I have supported moms and dads to wisely manage the “screen machines” in their families. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to do this. Many burdens can be lifted, problems prevented, struggles streamlined, and a full life re-discovered. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely possible.

Back to You:   I can offer information, research, and hopefully inspiration, but really it’s your wisdom that will make positive changes—there’s no replacement or certified copy of your Wise Inner Self. I encourage you to listen with an open heart to this Self. It is so needed in today’s world—an imperative, really.

Together:   Left to Our Devices delves into complex issues, raises important questions, and provides focused solutions. I aim for it to be provocative, yet practical. I hope you decide to subscribe and stay connected and…I welcome your e-mails and comments as well as any advice or suggestions you’d like to share with other parents and grandparents. Your everyday wisdom is worth spreading near and far!

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